ISO 20252

  • INTAGE VietNam (Former FTA) is the first company in Vietnam to get ISO 20252

    By the end of December, 2009, INTAGE VietNam (Former FTA) was granted by British Consul General in HCMC Tim Brownbill, on behalf of British Standard Institute, certification ISO 20252.

    ISO 20252 is international standardization in market research area, established by ISO. The standardization specifies research methods (including market and social research) esteeming the procedures :drafting research outline, gathering information, data processing and report. According to British Standard Institute, there are around 75 market research company applying ISO 20252 the world over. Also according to British Standard Institute, INTAGE VietNam (Former FTA) is one of 4 Asian companies and the first one in Vietnam that has been granted the certification.

  • What is ISO 20252:2012?

    The United Kingdom (UK) was the first country which proposed the national standardization for market research (BS 7911). This ordered the minimal request for management of trading market and service of social research.

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