4.2012 | The effect of color symbolisms

What are Vietnamese’s most and least favorite colors? How they affect different values and choices?



  • The least favorite color is yellow color, particularly from HCMC.
Color association
  • According to the respondents, Red is associated with Happiness, Sexy, Modern, Luxury, Party, High-tech products, High performance, High Quality and Good luck. In addition, people think that Red is the fashion color and represents for confident people.
  • Pink is associated with Happiness, Sexy. Consumers also perceive foods and drinks with Red and Pink color are good smell and good taste.
  • Beside Red color, Black is also associated to Hi-tech products, High performance, and High quality. Black is represent for Determined people. On the other hands, Black represents for the bad luck and taboo.
  • Light blue and Medium light blue (sky) are represents for Eco-friendly, Hope. Moreover, Light blue bring a sense of Safety.
  • White is the color of Pure, Dignity
  • The soft colors as white and pink make consumers relate to baby and kid while Red is the color of teenager.

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