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    Our research expert – Ms. Itsuko Yamazaki to join with other international experts & share some qualitative innovations & advanced methodologies




    Regarded as one of the young-population countries with an incredibly emerging economy, young generation has always been an irreplaceable factor in the massive growth of Vietnam. Embraced with their active characteristics, as well as the urge to be updated with social trends, many firms nowadays find young people their key targets to bloom their business.Taking that into concerns, by utilizing our INTAGE Mobile Panel, we at INTAGE VN refuses to miss this opportunity learn more about this potential part of the society. Thus, let us bring to you some of the most critical insights about their social behaviors and why they are called “trend-catcher”.This study will focus into 5 most trending categories:• EATERY: what they eat, where and when to find them?• SHOPPING: where they often buy general products and stuffs?• FASHION: what they prefer to wear & where they find them?• ENTERTAINMENT: what they are currently interested in?• TRAVELLING: which types of travelling do they prefer?SOME HIGHLIGHTED FINDINGSResearch details:• Panel source: INTAGE Mobile Panel• Target: Male/ female 15-30 years old• Sample size: 200• Area: HCMC & Hanoi• Research timing: May 2019Click the download button below to get the full version, or contact us at: contact@intage.com.vn for more research queries.



  •  02/05/2019

    Client Workshop


    Twice a year - INTAGE VN organizes and facilitates different knowledge sharing workshops on diverse topics, with the intention to bring the research world closer to each marketers out there and how powerful is the information gained from research can help clients achieve success in today’s evolving marketing environment.The workshop provides participants a comprehensive toolkit to understand the significance of market research and benefits of using proven-data in business decision making.

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