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Viettrack is the market research news-letter, conducted upon Intage VietNam (Former FTA) monthly market research projects with the objective of delivering the comments, evaluation and true feelings of the targeted consumers about current news, economy and advertising campaigns as well as the products, to manufacturers - marketers, helping them understand and offer better service for the unmet needs of local consumers. Officially launched since March, 2009, Viettrack has become the experienced companion for those who are interested in the Vietnam market. Not only content with that, Viettrack continuously receives invitations to render information sponsorship to newspapers and public media companies.
  •  22/07/2019



    In recent years, the quantity and quality of pet ownership in Vietnam has increased, driven by a pet social phenomenon, observed in developed countries called ‘pet humanization’. It raises the status of a ‘pet’ from a pragmatic position in the household into becoming a family member, which evolves many opportunities for pet products & services to develop.It’s the time for studying different offerings catered specifically towards pet owners who're seeking the best for their animal companions. INTAGE investigates to bring to readers the latest study “Pet Care in Vietnam” as a unique pet-owner-focused source for identifying & understanding their habits & behaviors, which’s attracting the attention of both manufacturers, brands & pet care professionals. SOME HIGHLIGHTED FINDINGS:RESEARCH DETAILS:• Panel source: INTAGE Mobile Panel • Target: Male/ female 25-55 years old • Sample size: 201 • Area: HCMC & Hanoi & Danang & Cantho • Research timing: Jul 2019Click the download button below to get the full version, or contact us at: contact@intage.com.vn for more research queries.


    Regarded as one of the young-population countries with an incredibly emerging economy, young generation has always been an irreplaceable factor in the massive growth of Vietnam. Embraced with their active characteristics, as well as the urge to be updated with social trends, many firms nowadays find young people their key targets to bloom their business.Taking that into concerns, by utilizing our INTAGE Mobile Panel, we at INTAGE VN refuses to miss this opportunity learn more about this potential part of the society. Thus, let us bring to you some of the most critical insights about their social behaviors and why they are called “trend-catcher”.This study will focus into 5 most trending categories:• EATERY: what they eat, where and when to find them?• SHOPPING: where they often buy general products and stuffs?• FASHION: what they prefer to wear & where they find them?• ENTERTAINMENT: what they are currently interested in?• TRAVELLING: which types of travelling do they prefer?SOME HIGHLIGHTED FINDINGSResearch details:• Panel source: INTAGE Mobile Panel• Target: Male/ female 15-30 years old• Sample size: 200• Area: HCMC & Hanoi• Research timing: May 2019Click the download button below to get the full version, or contact us at: contact@intage.com.vn for more research queries.


    To the Vietnamese people, Japan has never been an old topic. Globally famous for their long-built historical cultures and well-trained manners, more and more Vietnamese nowadays bare a significant interest and admiration towards the people from the land of the Sun. Rapidly catching up with this mindset, several authorities and private sponsors decided to tighten the bonds with Japan and established multiple Japanese-related events/ festivals in the past few years, one of which is Japan – Vietnam festival (by LOTUS Group). Let’s take a look at how the Vietnamese think about this particular event which was successfully held on 19th and 20th January of 2019.


    The potentiality of E-commerce still on a “strong growth trajectory”, as it allows us visiting every store on earth without setting foot outside. While more & more consumers have started shifting from traditional brick and mortar stores to one-click purchases, the future of E-commerce is undeniable. Our latest 2018 Viettrack report highlights important changes in shopping behaviors of consumers in digital age: they are seeking for Convenient factor in every aspect of a hustle & bustle life. The 2018 Viettrack report was conducted in 9/2018 on 269 respondents from INTAGE’s MOBILE PANEL.Just one step away from the insightful report of one of the most fastest growing industries, click the download button below to get the full version, or contact us at: contact@intage.com.vn for more research queries.


    The latest Viettrack report reveals top 5 trends stirring up young consumers' lifestyles in 2017 #1. Ride-Sharing platforms catch up with mobile booking trend to have a significant penetration #2. Mobile Food-ordering - the future of food delivery industry #3. Uncover the fever of milk tea addiction among young consumers #4. Increase usage of “Fictional characters” – new source of brand influencers/ KOL on social network #5. Men’s personal care market: super groomed – super aware

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