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Viettrack is the market research news-letter, conducted upon Intage VietNam (Former FTA) monthly market research projects with the objective of delivering the comments, evaluation and true feelings of the targeted consumers about current news, economy and advertising campaigns as well as the products, to manufacturers - marketers, helping them understand and offer better service for the unmet needs of local consumers. Officially launched since March, 2009, Viettrack has become the experienced companion for those who are interested in the Vietnam market. Not only content with that, Viettrack continuously receives invitations to render information sponsorship to newspapers and public media companies.

    The latest Viettrack report reveals top 5 trends stirring up young consumers' lifestyles in 2017 #1. Ride-Sharing platforms catch up with mobile booking trend to have a significant penetration #2. Mobile Food-ordering - the future of food delivery industry #3. Uncover the fever of milk tea addiction among young consumers #4. Increase usage of “Fictional characters” – new source of brand influencers/ KOL on social network #5. Men’s personal care market: super groomed – super aware


    Finance related issues & food safety are top concerns, which increased media focus during the year


    The report studies the explosion of Internet, Smartphone and Social Network in Vietnam


    The study shows young people’s lifestyle with their Smartphone and Facebook using behavior


    The content includes population, economy, living standard, consumer trend

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